Volunteering with us is a unique opportunity to gain a whole range of skills and experiences, make new friends and work as part of a team to make a real difference tackling hygiene poverty in your community.

From collecting and distributing hygiene products to fundraising to social media – there are lots of different ways you can support.

We are looking for volunteers to join our existing projects and for self starters who can set up and run a brand new Hygiene Bank project in their area. Whether you can commit a few days a week, or a few hours a month, your support can make a real difference.


Reasons why you should volunteer with us

  • Join a movement working to make social change.
  • Be a part of your community and make new friends.
  • Set up a project and experience leading and working in a team that makes a real difference in your community.
  • Volunteering is easy and flexible and can be designed to fit around your personal and work commitments.
  • Grow your confidence, reduce isolation and improve overall wellbeing.
  • Use your existing skills or gain some new ones.
  • Make a real difference to people in your community who are living in hygiene poverty.

Find out what inspires other people to volunteer at The Hygiene Bank on our blog – Why I volunteer.

Compassion and justice are values that underpin our society. We believe in helping each other out when we’re having a tough time and that is the model of The Hygiene Bank. A grass roots community initiative helping those in that same community that are struggling. 

Lizzy Hall , Founder