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The Hygiene Bank believes hygiene products can be much more than an item which helps people to feel clean – they can provide people with a hand up, not just a handout. Case studies from our projects have given us clear examples of this – a teenager going back to school and on to university because they have access to deodorant and shower gel; a mum who was contemplating shoplifting nappies, who no longer has to risk a criminal record.

If your organisation would like to receive support from The Hygiene Bank please ready our eligibility criteria below and complete our Community Partner application form. If we have a Hygiene Bank project in your area, we will connect you to your local Project Coordinator who will be able to package up free items and arrange collection with you. Please note the need for our support is growing and demand is higher than we can currently meet. We are working hard to keep pace, but as many of our projects are currently at capacity, there may be a delay in us being able to support you.

Not a registered charity? That’s okay - all we ask is that you are a not-for-profit organisation, constituted community group, social enterprise, public sector organisation or service or a non-fee paying school or nursery that has individuals or families in need. The products we offer are there to support those in need and must always be given for free, so we do have a few rules and you must comply to our governing code of conduct.

If you are an individual needing help, we will try and signpost you to a partner organisation in our network that can support you.

When people use the foodbank we know that as well as not being able to afford food there will be other essential items that they are living without. We are very grateful to the hygiene bank, without whom, we would not be able to provide these toiletries at the volume that we are currently able to.

Al Wales, Operations Manager Hastings Foodbank, Trussel Trust

Thanks to The Hygiene Bank we have provided many families with an essentials pack, which included: shampoo, body wash, antiperspirant, toilet paper, baby wipes, nappies and laundry detergent. When money is particularly short, this was a life-line. ​

Swanley, Sevenoaks & Dartford Social Services.