Who are we?

Galvanised by the belief that being clean is not a luxury or a privilege, The Hygiene Bank is a grass roots, people powered charity grounded in community. We collect and re-distribute donated toiletries, hygiene, beauty and personal care items to schools, charities, local authority services and voluntary organisations. These in turn are then given for free to their beneficiaries. Our passion stems from a sense of injustice: it's not right that anyone should face hygiene poverty in the modern world.

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What is Hygiene Poverty?

Many people in poverty or those who find themselves in times of crisis often have to make the distressing decision to eat or stay clean because they can't afford to do both. Hygiene poverty is shaming, humiliating and excluding and can result in social isolation.

It leads to a crippling lack of confidence and negatively affects good health and mental well-being which can impact early childhood development, learning, employ-ability and social interaction. Ultimately this is about dignity, self confidence and mental well being.

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How We Work

Products are donated. They are then collected, sorted and distributed to a network of organisations and services that support vulnerable and struggling people.

Supporting The Hygiene Bank is a simple way to support not just one organisation, but hundreds of grassroots charities across the UK and Ireland tackling a wide range of issues, from poverty to domestic abuse and disability.

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Products we collect

We collect new, unused and in-date toiletries, hygiene basics, beauty and personal care essentials such as deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, make-up, nappies and laundry detergent. If you need them and use them, then it is likely someone else needs and uses them too. Learn more, or donate directly online from our Wishlists with wholesale club Easho.

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