In 2009, Henry Fraser was a 17 year old boy on the books of Premiership rugby club Saracens. Post exams while holidaying with friends in Portugal he ran off a beach and dived into the sea as he had done all week, only this time he struck his head on a raised part of the seabed, leaving him paralysed from the neck down.

What happened to Henry is, unfortunately, not unique. How Henry reacted to this huge physical and mental challenge is completely unique and utterly remarkable.

Today Henry is a best-selling author with his book Little Big Things, which recounts his life from his injury to becoming a successful mouth-artist and how every day can be a good day.

As a motivational speaker, Henry has inspired international sportsmen, world-renowned authors and school children alike..

Being challenged in life is inevitable, but I believe that being defeated is optional…Life’s here to be lived. I try, and would always encourage you to try, and get that voice in your head to talk about the things you can do… not the things you can’t.

That people in this country struggle to afford hygiene essentials is not right. Being clean is one of the most basic of human needs. Half of those living in poverty in the UK are disabled or live with a disabled person. The extra demand disability puts on their resources is just not being met. I am really happy to be a patron of The Hygiene Bank, helping raise awareness of the work they do in a bid to restore dignity to those in our community that are struggling.