George Clarke is an Architect, TV presenter & Campaigner. He has set up an independent television production company, Amazing Productions, to focus on factual programming for all the main UK broadcasters. George also enjoys lecturing and is passionate about the way architecture can transform our everyday lives. His aim is to make architecture popular and accessible to everyone.

As well as The Hygiene Bank, George is also an ambassador for Shelter, The Maggie Centre’s, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, Sir John Soane Museum & City & Country Group. George is also a patron of Knights Youth Centre, the Civic Trust Awards and passionate supporter of Sunderland Football Club so much so that he is a trustee of The Foundation of Light. Most recently George became a founding trustee of the Ministry of Building Innovation & Education (MOBIE), a charity working to address the skills shortage in the house building industry.

To be clean and hygienic is all part of maintaining your self respect and feeling like you aren’t being judged by others. I remember kids at school when I was very young who struggled with personal hygiene and the stick they got was off the scale. I dread to think how much that affected them. 
Poverty doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

The problem is growing. We have so many breakfast clubs in schools to help children whose families are struggling; but it is alarming to also think that so many of those same children don’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste to brush their teeth. We take so much for granted because we have so much, but this is happening more and more and more, down the road from me and you