Kate is a researcher, strategist and coach whose work facilitates organisations to thrive. With an academic grounding in Human & Organisational Development, Kate has applied her expertise in the child protection, social enterprise, governance, civil society and construction sectors. Kate’s work has spanned the globe but a significant amount of her time has been spent working across East Africa. ‘Doing the right thing™’ and enabling people to resolve dilemmas that arise in times of change is at the heart of Kate’s practice. Kate recognises that moral dilemmas face us all, whether it be with broad social issues or organisational challenges. Kate works to ensure people make the right and ethical decision, prioritising both their and social good.

Utilising qualitative research methods, including Narrative Inquiry, Classic Grounded Theory and Participatory Action Research, Kate identifies the dilemmas faced by those she works with and then co-designs with them interventions that help them ‘Doing the right thing™’

Using her skill in facilitation and coaching, Kate is working with The Hygiene Bank on their strategic direction.