Volunteer with an existing Hygiene Bank Project 

A volunteer role can include supporting the Project Coordinator to sett up drop off points, collecting and sorting hygiene products or delivering donations to local community partners that your project supports, or even social media or fundraising. Each project is run slightly differently however, many of our volunteers take on a particular role within the project. For example, you may wish to support only with the collecting and distributing of product, run the projects social media account, just help with fundraising or carry out all of the administrative tasks.

You may have a unique skill set to offer to make your mark on the project. Volunteering for The Hygiene Bank is a flexible role that can fit around your current commitments, so you choose when to complete your volunteering and what time you have to offer. 

Once you have completed our enquiry form, we will send you over details of volunteering and put you in touch with the project coordinator who will talk to you about their project.

If you decide to go ahead, you will be sent an application form and details of our short online induction for you to attend.

Find your local project

Ready to volunteer?

Set up a new Hygiene Bank Project in your area 

This role involves setting up a new Hygiene Bank Project in your local area. We are currently looking to set up new projects in specific areas. 

Setting up a hygiene bank is a unique opportunity to gain a whole range of skills and experience, make new friends and gain the satisfaction of leading and working in a team that makes a real difference in your community. Running a project can be an empowering experience and an opportunity to connect with people to make positive changes locally and nationally. 

You will be the project coordinator who oversees the project and is the main point of contact. Together with your team of volunteers you will run the project by setting up drop off points, collecting/sorting donations and delivering them to local community partners.

You can also participate in additional activities such as social media, fundraising and engaging in community activities to raise awareness of the charity and your local giving. 

Applying for local funding is a great way to boost donations for your project. Your Partnership Manager and our Fundraising team can help with this providing guidance and reviewing the applications; however, you may once again wish to seek a volunteer that has some experience in this to help out.

Offer remote support

If there is no project in your local area, and you are not keen on setting a new project up but would still like to volunteer, you can do so remotely.

Perhaps you have skills in social media, fundraising or administration? We are looking for people with different skills to support our projects across the UK.

Could you help with: Data - logging of all of the collections and distributions Reaching out to Community Partners to find our which products they need Fundraising – from organising local fundraising events to helping set up donation pages or campaigns. Research and apply for local grant funding opportunities Setting up and running project social media pages Creating social media content

"I volunteer because I want to be helpful and supportive within our community. I love it because I have met so many wonderful people who run amazing projects in our community."
“We all have the power to make a positive impact in our local communities and The Hygiene Bank provides a great platform to empower us to help make this happen. By collecting donations locally and distributing locally, we can clearly see the impact our volunteering makes in our communities.”