Volunteering FAQs

1How do I find out about volunteering opportunities at my local Hygiene Bank?
Head to our 'volunteering roles' page to view our live opportunities. You can also contact your closest project directly using the details on the 'Find your Local Project' page (Project coordinator emails are listed) or you can complete our volunteer enquiry form and we will introduce you to your local coordinator.
2My local area doesn't have a Hygiene Bank project, how can I help?
You can start a new project in your area. Please complete our volunteer enquiry form on our Volunteering page and select start a project and we will send you information on running a project. All of our grassroots projects are self-funded - we advise teams to fundraise a set-up contribution after sign-up to spend on their projects. This helps towards the costs of initial printing, delivering, kit, hygiene product and assets. This contribution can be raised before sign-up via fundraising or afterwards, with support from us here at Head Office.
3What support will I get as a volunteer?
Every volunteer will have someone they work closely with. This is usually the Project Coordinator. This person will help you get set up in your role, answer any queries you may have while volunteering and support you if any problems occur.
4Do you reimburse expenses?
If you are volunteering for us we will reimburse expenses in line with our Volunteer Expenses Policy detailed in our Handbook. Please check with us directly before commencing your role.
5Will volunteering affect my benefits?
If you are in receipt of government benefits or support, you should speak with them for advice. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/volunteering-and-claiming-benefits
6Are there any age restrictions?
For the majority of roles, volunteers must by over 18 years old. There may be opportunities for volunteers under 18, for example such as sorting and packing. We have had Duke of Edinburgh award volunteers and Girl Guides. Volunteers that are under 18 must receive permission from their parent or guardian before starting their role.
7Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record?
A criminal record will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering, but we may need to make an assessment of any risks both to you the volunteer and to others. The nature of the offence, how long ago it was committed and its relevance to the volunteer role will be considered. Anyone with a caution or conviction for a sexual offence will not be able to volunteer.
8What if I have a physical or learning disability?
We are committed to embracing diversity and promoting equality and inclusion. As a volunteer, you can expect to be treated fairly regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, parental or marital status, disability, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins or socio-economic background. Please let us know if there are any health conditions or additional needs we may need to know about that could impact your volunteering in order for us to best support you to carry out your role.
9Are there set times or days when I need to volunteer?
Our volunteering roles are really flexible. If you are volunteering with an existing team, you can let your coordinator know your preferred times and days or take ownership of an aspect of the project and work ad hoc to suit your life and commitments. Some volunteering roles such as social media and fundraising can be done remotely.
10How much time does running a project take up?
If you are running your own project, you can manage the size and coverage to suit the time you have - A smaller grassroots project may only need a couple of hours a week, a larger project setup may need much more time and commitment. You can also ask other people to get involved to reduce time required. We welcome both small and larger projects across the UK. If you complete our volunteer enquiry form and select "start a new project" a Partnership Manager will arrange an informal chat so you can find out more.
11Can anyone volunteer?
Volunteers must: Be aged 18 or over Be eligible to work or volunteer in the United Kingdom Be prepared to provide a copy of ID - proof of address (recent utility bill) and copy of either passport or drivers licence
12Will I be covered by insurance whilst taking part in my volunteering role? 
The Hygiene Bank provides liability insurance to protect you whilst you carry out your volunteering duties. Please note, we do not provide cover for home and car insurance. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to ensure that they have adequate insurance in place that is up to date. 
13Does the charity provide me with product donations? 
All projects will need to source their own stream of donations of hygiene and household cleaning items locally in addition to funding to keep the project running. The central team can support you in both of these. 
14Will my project be funded by the charity?
All of our projects are self-funded. Local fundraising is a great way to boost your project. The money raised by your project is ringfenced for your local area and can be used to purchase marketing materials and top up low stock items as needed. When your project is ready, we encourage all of our projects to apply for local grants. Our Fundraising Team will provide you with the information and support that you need.