Trusts and Foundations

Help us deliver our mission

The Hygiene Bank is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the fight against hygiene poverty in the UK. To deliver our mission and make sure we support those pulled into hygiene poverty, we rely on the support of charitable trusts, foundations and grant-making organisations. Whether you can support us nationally or regionally, with your help we can transform the lives and create lasting change.

How can you help

You can play a crucial role in expanding our reach and impact in addressing hygiene poverty in the most deprived areas in the country, having the opportunity to collaborate with us on initiatives and projects that align with your philanthropic goals. Your contribution will enable us to implement innovative programmes and provide basic hygiene products to those in need and advocate for systemic change.

Your funding will support our programmes across the country that directly address hygiene poverty, we are committed to use your funding efficiently and effectively to maximise its impact. Your contributions will make a tangible difference in the lives of millions of individuals and local communities affected by hygiene poverty.

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To learn more about how your trust, foundation or grant can support The Hygiene Bank, contact us on