This Christmas… Sarah

Sarah is 39 and a mum of two. She worked as a hairdresser when she left school and then switched to part-time work when she started a family. Her youngest son, Paul, now 11 contracted meningitis when he was a baby, which left him partially sighted and disabled. Sarah left work to care for him. Paul’s disability put a huge strain on the marriage and it eventually broke down. When Sarah separated from her husband, the family moved to a women’s refuge, all three sharing one room for 8 months. Since then the family has always lived in temporary accommodation, seven different homes in total. Sarah suffers from insomnia and stress and juggles shift work at a local high street store around looking after Paul and his sister.For most of the children’s lives, the family has been poor. Sarah is ashamed by her appearance and knows her kids get teased at school for being smelly, but she’s doing her best. The Hygiene Bank has partnered with the children’s school and Sarah is now being supported with some of the basics.