Talking about Coronavirus and Poverty: How to frame your messages


Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has graciously allowed us to share their recent webinar discussing how to talk about coronavirus and poverty.

From JRF: “How we talk about poverty matters. And amidst the stress, uncertainty and pressure of the coronavirus pandemic, our words are more important than ever.

Watch this webinar with JRF and the Frameworks Institute to learn how to frame your messages on poverty in the wake of the lockdown. This practical guidance will help your words inspire action and build support for the changes we need to see in recovery.

The content in this session builds on JRF’s general framing approach and is suitable for those already talking and writing about poverty using JRF’s framing toolkit, and equally those coming fresh to this work. Good framing helps us navigate public attitudes to poverty across society, so wherever you are the UK, this session will be relevant to you.

The Talking About Coronavirus toolkit is also available here