Nilesh Dosa, Founder of icanyoucantoo, is a chartered accountant with a +15-year career spanning assurance, banking and consulting who has received multiple awards, for his grassroots work in the community and education. Though a seasoned financial professional, Nilesh’s passion lies in people, and particularly children and youth.

His drive to facilitate social mobility and level the playing field for young people led to the creation of icanyoucantoo in 2016. icanyoucantoo was featured globally by in 2019 and is the recipient of the International EY award for ‘Strengthening Community.

Nilesh is also an advocate of flexible working, managing his busy schedule around a neurodegenerative condition. He currently works part-time at EY, balancing both his corporate career and passion in education and the community.

Delivering food and hygiene products; even creating partnerships with companies who donate computers; then creating a partnership with a local IT company who refurb the computers; getting them to the young people who don't have access to IT...all of this started because of a simple desire to start - so that I too could make a difference...