Can We Receive Donations?

If we have a Hygiene Bank project in your area, we will try to help. We will connect you to your local coordinator who will happily package up free items and deliver them at a time convenient to you. If we don't have a project in your area we will work on recruiting a volunteer or Business Buddy for that specific area.​ Please contact:

Not a registered charity? That’s okay - all we ask is that you are a not-for-profit organisation, constituted community group, social enterprise, public sector organisation or service or a non-fee paying school that has individuals or families in need. The products we offer are there to help those in need, so we do have a few rules and you must comply to our governing code of conduct.

Products that you receive from us must be given out for free to those you serve, they can’t be sold or used as prizes for e.g. for a raffle, tombola or auction prizes.
Products aren’t for personal use for staff, volunteers or family.
Products can’t be passed onto other organisations, this enables us to track the whereabouts of goods donated by us.