Become an Official Schools Partner in the UK

The early years of a child’s life are crucially important to their health and success later in life. Unfortunately, due to poverty, neglect, care responsibilities or disability, many young children experience problems that limit their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Despite strong evidence that early interventions have a significant positive impact on a child’s future, local authority spending in this area of need has reduced significantly in recent years.

The aim of our Educational Partnership programme is to give children and young people access to products and resources to help overcome the barriers they may face as a consequence of hygiene poverty, helping them achieve the best possible start in life.

How does this work?

Once we receive your application, we will review whether we have a volunteer led project in your area that is able to support you. If so, an introduction will be made. If not, the school will be added to a waiting list for when a volunteer comes on board or funding to support is available.

As a School you can either provide us with basic information on the number of families and specific items needed and we supply bespoke family packs for you to distribute or we can give you a mixed box of essentials to be shared with families at your discretion. We are happy to discuss the best approach for your School's needs.

Note - We are currently a UK charity and are unable to process or respond to applications from other countries.

Children’s self-esteem is really affected by comparing themselves or the reaction of their peers. Just thinking that they are different, being teased, left out or bullied because of poor basic hygiene leads to a loss in confidence with damaging consequences that affects their learning but also has a long term emotional impact. With donations from The Hygiene Bank we are doing everything we can to help children and their families have their basic needs met. Product donations have also allowed us to add daily teeth brushing to the day's schedule for reception and Yr 1 children.

Chris Johnson, Head Teacher, Phoenix Community Primary School

Are you a school that does not need products but can fundraise and collect for us?

Host a collection drive and ask pupils and their families to donate products. We will supply you with a downloadable poster and leaflet. Engage your pupils further by inviting them to select where the collected products should be distributed to; e.g. the local foodbank, care leavers support team, womens refuge, hostel or even other schools or youth groups in the area. A Hygiene Bank coordinator will work with you to ensure donations are given out accordingly.

As a school we are passionate about supporting local charitable causes and The Hygiene Bank has been great to bring the community together. Raising awareness for this little discussed but growing problem is so important and getting pupils engaged too is so valuable. We are looking forward to seeing how we can further support The Hygiene Bank from September. ​ ​

Janet Kellie-Vickers, Family Liason Officer Benenden Cep Primary School