A Afternoon Tea
Auction of Promises
Alcohol Free
B Birthday Donations
Bake Sale
C Coffee Morning
Car Boot Sale
Car Wash
D Dress down day
Dog Walk
Dragon Boat Race
E EBay Things
F Fun Run
Fancy Dress Day
Football tournament
G Give Something UP
Games Night
Golf Challenge
H Hike
Hoola Hoop Contest
Host a Dinner Party
I Ironman Competition
Indian or Italian Night
J Jumble Sale
Jazz Night
Jeans Day at Work
K Karaoke Night
Kick A Bad Habit
L Lemonade Stall
Ladies Night
Loose Change Collection
M Marathon
Movie Night
Matched Giving
N Netball Tournament
Name The ....
Non-Uniform Day
O Office Party
Open Garden
P Pamper Day
Poker Night
Q Quiz Night
R Raffle
Ride a Bike
S Sponsored Something
Street Party
T Talent Show
Treasure Hunt
U University Challenge
Ultimate Frisbee
Unwanted Presents Sale
V Valentines Day Ball
Variety Show
W Walk
Wax It!
Wet Sponge Throwing
Wine Tasting Evening
X Xmas Jumper Day
X Factor Night
XBox Tournament
X Marks The Spot
Y Yellow Clothes Day
Z Zumbathon