We are excited to announce our Annual #ITSINTHEBAG campaign for 2022 .

If you would like to support our campaign, please contact your local participating grassroots project to find out how you can get involved.

If you are yet to have a project near to you, please consider donating to our Big Give Christmas Fundraiser or find out more about starting a grassroots project for your local community today

Lizzy Hall, Founder of The Hygiene Bank said:
“Those who don’t have the means to access hygiene products can be held back from fully participating and contributing to society. It can lead to a crippling lack of confidence and leave those affected feeling isolated, excluded, shamed, bullied and/or humiliated. Christmas time can be especially stressful, that’s why we started our #ITSINTHEBAG appeal to help those struggling to afford the basics by providing a gift of products they may otherwise go without. Help us by making a donation and give the gift of clean this Christmas.”

The Hygiene Bank’s core ambition is everyone in society will have access to the essential products needed to feel clean, confident and healthy. We believe that feeling clean is not just for some, but for everyone.

With your support we can tackle hygiene poverty together.